Wednesday, 13 April 2011

side Projects. First stages of armatures.

This is work im doing in my spare time to improve my model making skills and create a better knowledge of models and ways of making them especially for animating.

 1, this armature was made fairly basically using soft aluminium rod then adding mili putty in curtain areas, then with this armature i used a tie down technique attaching bolt and screw to the lower part of the leg to the attatch the armature to any set especially good for keeping balance within scenes.

 2,fat blob belly so far, used simular technique to start with the wire then adding milli putty then for the feet i've used magnets as tie downs holding it in place using mili putty then for the belly so far i've used foam and will also be using it on the legs and arms.

3,this armature is my pride and joy put it together the other day with the help of my dad, ordered it off cromacolour put most of it together jus need to finish hands and head.

All three armatures im working on

From armature 1 this is a close up shot of the leg showing the bolt up the top end and the screw at the bottom.

Close up again of technique with the tie downs making holes in the set.

This is a close up of the armature 2's feet showing the magnets in place.