Thursday, 18 December 2014

Essilor Animation Competition Final Showcase.

Awarded finalist
Wednesday, 10th December was the #EYECANSEECLEARLY animation competition final, hosted by Essilor to promote new lenses called Crizal. A brilliant day it turned out to be, in Bristol a venue im used to being at for Slapstick and Encounters film festivals Arnolfini.

A well thought about event showcasing each finalist before the Judges, having each finalist with a set of questions around the animation outcome and the animator background which was interesting and different like our entries.

With the animation background covered the animation entry 'Yellow Belly Bear' played, the day gave a great chance to network and speak with other animators looking to break into the industry from other backgrounds and the Judges were especially interesting and highly acclaimed in the Animation industry.

A copy of the days brilliant brochure of the Finalists and judges and much more enjoy!
Event brochure pt1

Event brochure pt2

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BAF an exceptional experience, Line-up and festival.

Finally got chance to go to one of the most spoke after and highly acclaimed animation festivals which is Bradford Animation Festival. With talks from Peter Lord, Ian Mackinnon, Mark Shapiro, Mark Oswin and Tim Jones. 

In Bradford for two days of the festival to listen to Idol and director that is Peter Lord about Aardman and his successes with feature films and most recent kickstarter with Morph showing 11 new episodes with slapstick natural of the plastercine character.

Boxtrolls cast posing with myself
 Mark Shapiro gave a great insight into the powerhouse studio that is Laika, looking at the Stop-motion feature in depth that is Boxtrolls analysing things that make the studio different in a place like Portland Oregon.

Myself and Mark Oswin
Mark Oswin Head Puppeteer on Strange Hill High, talking about story structure with Tim Jones and showing the insight about how puppeteering for screen is done backwards and takes several people under a set, great meeting Mark and was happy to take a selfie.

Also very sad to hear after being the longest running festival and finally getting round to being there to hear it won't be running next year, fingers crossed all things change as its an incredible festival with Paul Wells being a fantastic Interviewer throughout showing respect and charisma.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

What...A new Showreel for 2014 you say!

All scenes, props and characters are made and animated by myself. All material is my own apart from the music which is taken from Seasick Steve a very successful Blues musician. My animation showreel consists on personal work which i've used to improve my skill set e.g bouncy ball and walk cycle. Also there is my student work consisting of Red Bull commercial for the 'CAnimation' competition by Aardman and my student film 'Street Act which is the silent film. Also commission piece for John Lewis for the ad campaign #Whatmattersmost .

Stop Motion Showreel 2014 from Gareth Hirst on Vimeo.

Thats right, the new showreel has been online but the fresh first upload to my blog #GHAnimation. Reason for my absence, i've been a counsellor at an American summer camp for eight weeks then two travelling, seeing some great sights and teaching some skills Stop-motion, skateboarding, mountainboarding, pottery,mountain biking and various others in an incredible environment.

Since back i've been networking but also started on my new project which shows the return of the great and cuddly character whom is currently having a paint job of all his limbs and his pearly whites. feel free to add me on instagram to follow progress, each day ill post a new photo/video of progress.

GHAnimation Instagram                                    Todays Instagram

Thank you for your time and watch this space.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Specialising and Learning Animation Test

I've re-branded a new logo to be presented to promote all my work, this should help people recognise a pattern of work that is relatively new and can promote my evolving Animation skills which will ever changing and with each new material i will critique and be taking any comments to improve the performance or principles of the animation.

Adapting to my craft  - The Ball Bounce Test (full)

Focusing on the principles of the ball bounce, i learned by going back to the beginning with that in mind i still have to learn, there are mistakes where the heaviest ball comes in on a bounce the air time is for too long, on the last second to the left of the action a hair appears, i know for next time.
Using Dragon i was able to draw out the arc giving a much more natural and belivable bounce. Dragon also has has a few updates which were more useful than before giving more freedom while animating to look through frames.

Learning resources


Since Bristol Encounter Animation Festival this year i've really been looking back on the advice people have given, Working at my craft by going back to the start and learning from the principles and the ball, Once i am more confident with the principles then put them into practice with a puppet and focus on the performance not forgetting the principles.