Thursday, 18 December 2014

Essilor Animation Competition Final Showcase.

Awarded finalist
Wednesday, 10th December was the #EYECANSEECLEARLY animation competition final, hosted by Essilor to promote new lenses called Crizal. A brilliant day it turned out to be, in Bristol a venue im used to being at for Slapstick and Encounters film festivals Arnolfini.

A well thought about event showcasing each finalist before the Judges, having each finalist with a set of questions around the animation outcome and the animator background which was interesting and different like our entries.

With the animation background covered the animation entry 'Yellow Belly Bear' played, the day gave a great chance to network and speak with other animators looking to break into the industry from other backgrounds and the Judges were especially interesting and highly acclaimed in the Animation industry.

A copy of the days brilliant brochure of the Finalists and judges and much more enjoy!
Event brochure pt1

Event brochure pt2