Tuesday, 7 December 2010

story structure (film review)


  • planned day everything is going as well got the rest of the day which is mean to be to go to the pricipals essembly which goes pare.
  • gets to the train station all planned and fine then gets onto the wrong train which means he races to get onto his unsuccessfully and leaves his speech on the wrong train which leaves as he realises.
  • trys to find a way of getting to his wife who has already left the trainstation to get to work and goes home to try and find her.
  • runs after the taxi which he rang for and goes into the bonnet of a pupils car which is meant to be in school.
  • she trys to help him find his wife but in the end she drives him to his meeting.
  • drives so far to try and get a phone call through to say he will be late,phone breaks up on him and takes his frustration out of phonebox with that a policeman comes along to talk to mr.stimpson they leave just in time to have a friend of his drive them not knowing what shes got herself into.
  • they get lost taking wrong directions from mr.stimpson to find themself's stuck in a field.
  • mr.stimpson goes to find help finding himself at a monestry without hope he gets pampered to a bath,not knowing the car is out of the field with the help of a local farmer.
  • in robes from the monestry mr.stimpson hears that the car has left and so him and his pupil try to hitch a ride.
  • car stops for the pupil and they both get in and decide to play a trick on him leaving him in the monk robes and taking his suit and car.
  • finally get on their way to the headmasters conference in a state two minutes late police after him with the climax of him getting frustrated with little things then leaving to get straight into the police car.
the main character mr.stimpson very calm and relaxed on time with everything which seems to be his key thing that everyone notes about him.
Toward the end the main character mr.stimpson is frantic,frustated,hopeless and without time a broken character.

act1; mr.stimpson must get to the meeting at 3 oclock and because a events unfolding makes him late.
act2;many parts of confrontation including when the character is himself and begins to unfold as a broke character.
act3; the resolution becomes in him being taken away by the police knowing where he was going wrong on his way but by any means nessasary he needed to go to this meeting.