Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BAF an exceptional experience, Line-up and festival.

Finally got chance to go to one of the most spoke after and highly acclaimed animation festivals which is Bradford Animation Festival. With talks from Peter Lord, Ian Mackinnon, Mark Shapiro, Mark Oswin and Tim Jones. 

In Bradford for two days of the festival to listen to Idol and director that is Peter Lord about Aardman and his successes with feature films and most recent kickstarter with Morph showing 11 new episodes with slapstick natural of the plastercine character.

Boxtrolls cast posing with myself
 Mark Shapiro gave a great insight into the powerhouse studio that is Laika, looking at the Stop-motion feature in depth that is Boxtrolls analysing things that make the studio different in a place like Portland Oregon.

Myself and Mark Oswin
Mark Oswin Head Puppeteer on Strange Hill High, talking about story structure with Tim Jones and showing the insight about how puppeteering for screen is done backwards and takes several people under a set, great meeting Mark and was happy to take a selfie.

Also very sad to hear after being the longest running festival and finally getting round to being there to hear it won't be running next year, fingers crossed all things change as its an incredible festival with Paul Wells being a fantastic Interviewer throughout showing respect and charisma.