Tuesday, 7 December 2010


EXT.train station.morning

MIKE looks at his watch realising just how late he is by half an hour for work already late with his tie scuffled looking very rushed because of how late he was this morning didn't have time to do all the usual things like brush his hair or fully tuck in his shirt and wearing his half broken belt unaware.


in the train station waiting for his train to arrive.


CLOSE UP:on his watch

looks down at his watch flashing late

CLOSE UP: back of mikes head.

in anticipation of waiting for his train mike scratches his head with a annoyance.


train arrives

PAN:from character to train

mike looks realised that the train has arrived.

INT.on train

MIKE walks to find the nearest seat holding his suitcase handle with a firm grip tapping his fingers on the handle looking round wondering impatiently when the train is going to leave the station.


sits next to mike making herself comfortable in the seat with her large weight making the seat creak whilst invading Mikes personal space.

ZOOM IN: on mikes discomfort expression.



loud noise from window slamming open above him

loud noise makes mike jump not expecting it and looks like his heart skipped a beat. mike sees the leaves blow in through the window.


reaches into her bag and brings out a large packet of crisps simular to a packet of monster munch, begins eating the crisps making a mess eating very unlady like making crumbs go flying everywhere.


CLOSE UP:only on mike getting crumbs on him.

has crumbs coming across from passenger next to him.getting agrovated but without loosing it and brushes off the mess.


phone begins to vibrate

mike hears the phone in panic frantically touches his pockets to try and find his phone right away.

(look of agrovation)

ZOOM IN:on the phone

phone stops vibrating

mike easily out of annoyance finds his phone as he peers across from him.

stage left

curious where the toilet is mike looks for signs from where he is then walks across a few feet away near the door for the toilet.closes the door behind him

CLOSE UP:from behind mike.

mike has a silent sigh then opens his buckle and his trousers fall and so decides to sit, whilst the tie is still covering his crotch area.

ZOOM IN:on mikes face

realising the train is stopping mike pulls up his trousers runs out to leave the train when his trousers are loose like they don't fit him.

from exit of train

VERY WIDE SHOT:showing seats and exit of train doors open.

CLOSE UP:on mikes face as hes forgotten his briefcase


stretches accross to try and grab his briefcase struggling to reach.

runs to get as the doors close in his face and his trousers fall down to his ancles.

wide shot:train going back to the yard


gives up knowing its not his day as the train takes him to the yard not knowing he's still on the train.