Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Graduation on to the next chapter.

                         Officially Graduated Finally, its been a long journey full of mixed emotions, the hard grind to get to university then the outcome i could have only ever hoped for becoming a graduate with a First in B.A. Animation Hon's with my student film Street Act being Awarded the Silent Movie Animation Challenge Winner was a blessing.
                         Current state would be a pool of ideas and goals yet to accomplish, working in the local Card shop as a Key Holder to gain funds for personal projects, with that said i am also consistent in my efforts to become the Animator and creature that will inspire others if i fail, well i know i tried with everything.
                         There will be more updates on current endeavours to come, il leave this post with a quote i saw just yesterday 'Business doesn't get me down it gets me off' its a charismatic version of my business card quote which is simple 'Enjoy what you do'. 

Thanks for reading,

till next time,

Gareth Hirst