Thursday, 6 June 2013

Developement-Lip-sync test and ball tests

Lip-Sync Test

Time for a blog post indeed, the past couple of weeks im trying to get things moving with various animation projects and prospective jobs or courses. Apart from the things i can't give away here are a few tests i've been doing in my spare time.

The first is a lip-sync test which i took from a 16minute recording of my granddad telling me stories which is a great listen, key thing is i wanted to hit the nail on the head and tackle things which im not as confident animating thats why i know there are problems but i've shared it online to get feedback to improved and over coming months notice a better result.

Playing with plastercine after watching a Picasso documentary,
 You might be able to see influences.

Didn't keep with the toothbrush mustachio 

scene of shot