Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lip-Sync Skills taking focus for the June 11 Second Club 'Oh Charlie' Animation

from left-James and mouthless Charlie
11 Second Club what a brilliant idea, two weeks before entry i wanted to create a lip-sync piece for my showreel with other things and thought what better than to get direct feedback from the animation community and find where my skills are in that area of Character animation my chosen speciality in Stop-Frame Animation.

First Step crack out some plastercine and create come expressive characters which are good for conveying emotion thats parallel with what the character is saying. What i should be saying is that due to time i wasn't able to create the whole figure but honestly i enjoyed the task of only using the faces for everything the restriction helped bring out a better performance i believe.

Poor chap tired from getting animated (James)
First thing before animating was creating the characters i was confident in and with that believable blinks, yes blinks are important after another test i did i realised i'd benifit from having a much better set of eye lids using two sets and one full closed as above.

What a stare.
Also seeing the full difference between expression, annoyed stare and suprised.


As always i am using my DragonFrame on my MacBook Pro, after many times using DragonFrame i believe my knowledge is extending everytime i use it getting the full benifit out of a brilliant tool. Using the Dope sheet ( X-Sheet ) for everything from phonetics to expression.

Really like this photo.
Another expressive shot which i believe was the last taken.
Only a couple of days till voting starts on 11Second Club for June, technically 4 days but i am not counting. For an exclusive watch of 'Oh Charlie' find my one slice over 10 seconds of animation which i am proud of which has been added to my 2012 Showreel which will be shown in my next blogpost.

Please let the animation fully load or it won't sync correctly with sound track.

Thank-you for viewing my Lipsync-Skills taking focus for the June 11 second club 'Oh Charlie' Animation

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