Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Slapstick Festival 2013 January 24-27


Bristol was my first destination this year for Slapstick Festival 2013, this gives a great chance to meet people who have a love for celebrating silent and classic comedy, this year the face of the programme was the third genius a Mr Harold Lloyd after last year being my favourite Golden Cinema performer Buster Keaton.


The much anticipated talk between Nick Park and Peter Lord Slapstick Animated did not disappoint in the slightest, speaking about live action that has influenced then like Norman Wisedom and the Marx Brothers, how gags have been reinvented to their own characters like Morph and Wallace and Gromit. 

The night was finished up with the like of drinks with a crowd that run the festival to discuss the films and how the next festival with be held with Chaplin being the main focus of the festival which should attract many new guests.

Fridays first talk was Harold Lloyd the Third Genius with Kevin Brownlow who did a great talk on Buster Keaton last year talking about the Third Genius documentary film and showed extracts with that anecdotes about time spent with Lloyd which was most amusing, later spoke to Kevin Brownlow about Street Act my student film which i got his opinion on last year.

Gala poster
Gala event

Main event of the slapstick festival the Silent Comedy Gala which featured films from Harold Lloyd,Buster Keaton and George Melies with live accompaniment, with Victoria Wood introducing the films and towards the end and before the interval was the greatly funny comedian Barry Cryer with Ronnie Golden on guitar with fitting songs which made the audience ball up with laughter.

Some fitting photos taken from Bristol

Blazing it up ahead of going to the first event enjoyed the first beverage!