Sunday, 5 December 2010

third animatic idea.

1.mike looks at his watch realising hes late.
2.scratching the back of his head in anticipation for his train.
3.close up of mike getting onto his train.
4.mike sat on the train.
5.mike has a passenger sit next to him making him feel uneasy.
6.window behind bangs open and fails to close it.
7.passenger beside him opens messy food getting it everywhere even on mike.
8.mike puts up with the crumbs comming flying across his face. vibrates frantically try to look for it.
10.finds the phone.
11, mike quickly decides to go to the toilet.
12.Mike on the toilet trying to stay on the seat.
13.leaving the toilet mike is unable to do up his belt.
14.sat back down just realising his at his stop.
15. jogs to get off the train when he realises hes forgot his briefcase.
16.annoyed at himself looks down in dismay in missing his stop.
17.mike relaxes because hes got no-one bothering him now enjoying the view.
18.another passenger would like a seat mike gives it up happily.
19.only to realise he gets the loud music and annoyance of flicking channels.
20.mike looses it after one last little thing jumps up into the air in furry not noticing his trousers fell down.