Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Specialising and Learning Animation Test

I've re-branded a new logo to be presented to promote all my work, this should help people recognise a pattern of work that is relatively new and can promote my evolving Animation skills which will ever changing and with each new material i will critique and be taking any comments to improve the performance or principles of the animation.

Adapting to my craft  - The Ball Bounce Test (full)

Focusing on the principles of the ball bounce, i learned by going back to the beginning with that in mind i still have to learn, there are mistakes where the heaviest ball comes in on a bounce the air time is for too long, on the last second to the left of the action a hair appears, i know for next time.
Using Dragon i was able to draw out the arc giving a much more natural and belivable bounce. Dragon also has has a few updates which were more useful than before giving more freedom while animating to look through frames.

Learning resources


Since Bristol Encounter Animation Festival this year i've really been looking back on the advice people have given, Working at my craft by going back to the start and learning from the principles and the ball, Once i am more confident with the principles then put them into practice with a puppet and focus on the performance not forgetting the principles.