Friday, 6 September 2013

Freelance - 'A Teddy With An Opinion On #WhatMattersMost '

Huggable Commercial animation was the outcome of my new stop-frame animation showing 'Joe-Lew' the teddy Bear advertising the Newest logo for John Lewis for the new Digital Campaign to promote John Lewis Insurance calling on budding filmmakers to submit their own six-second stop-motion films on Vine, inspired by the brand's current TV campaign, which uses stop-motion.

Find Below the HD version of the Vine, making of below video.

'A Teddy With An Opinion On #WhatMattersMost ' from Gareth Hirst on Vimeo.

Youtube version below -

Show And Tell.


Heres the initial concept for the character 'Joe-Lew' after many sketches this easily became my favourite and ticking all the boxes, appealing to a family audience, instantly looked forward to making the puppet and reflects well for the Brand.

Of course Here is more into the character with the design and look mainly wanting to get the palette for the body complete before moving on to the Expression sheets.

The Expression sheet above was done quickly on photoshop but i really like the roughness of each of them that kind of brings them more alive with personality and character.

Making the 'Yellow-Belly-Teddy' puppet

At first i went for using foil for the body one reason being that it would be light but found that instantly there was various problem and getting the right look would be difficult.

So next i worked with Cushion foam to create the effect that i wanted, while the centre piece has the armature inside the outside was lined out ready for getting rid of the excess foam to allow the look to take form.

To make a Teddy head i...

The idea was ready but was only in my head so various designs were made then the last one to use as a reference for when creating the head was as above and shows exactly how i went about creating each layer of the head. I believe the only thing that got changed was how i tackled the mouth and instead of using replacement mouths the teeth stayed in place using yellow plastercine to mould the mouth in-between expressions which worked smoothly.

Heres the wire frame thats inside the characters head, cut fingers were worth the result to have a strong frame to build around with the rest of the face layers. There were three different thicknesses of wire uses to hold everything together.

Here i am so busy couldn't miss every photo, painting behind the eyes, nose and the mouth with a new model brush which made the job easier.

 First Snap of the cuddly ol' chap fully foamed and ready for final adjustments, without mouth.

First undercoat using spray paint before painting the separate area, not forgetting to cover the areas not wanting painting.

First coat of the colour he's going to become, found that using thin coats and building it up didn't work so thinker coats of colour without leaving gaps was needed.

Fully coated including Yellow Belly! Only thing i didn't expect was for the paint to take so long to dry.

All Logo icons used as props for the animation fully made and cut. Lined out with the rightful colours and ready to be used.

Dope sheet (X-Sheet) for the 6 seconds planned out and cut up into sections ready to animate, with character sheets and storyboards to follow, planning the animation comes more important than doing it.


Part way through a shot before the next logo was put in place and the character changes position, this animation including pre-production was done in record time as it was for a client everything had to be on point with that i created a new character to use as a marketing tool which was the 'Yellow Belly Teddy' and through learning throughout i'd do any project within reason to a better standard every time to a deadline.

Hope this was a good insight into my most recent animation and if you've enjoyed let me know there might be more into my way.

Thanks for reading - Gareth Hirst B.A Hons

"Enjoy What you do" GHAnimation