Friday, 14 October 2011

Ss1- Head studies progress

Before going in the oven
 Got straight underway with the puppet head today taken most of the day to be honest, layering and sculpting the sculpey first thing i noticed when putting it on that the mouth piece seemed to stick out a little bit too much having it look more like daffy the duck so i went for bender/cartoon scull.
      At first the nose was twice the size and so bent it to double the thickness of the nose which made it look less like chris from slipknot, once adding teeth the face looked a lot different and less duck.

After being in the oven

absolutely stunned with the result but less happy with how where i hadn't mad the sculpey thicker the oven would make it harden quicker and so this became a problem when putting the eyes back in and creating cracks straight away.

After oven

 These are some more in depth photos of the cracks which occurred 

front view

Side view

Full view

After working on the puppet most of the day i felt this was a set back but will try and fix this but at the same time create another one tomorrow which will have more character and will aim to put one to a armature i have previously made.

This is what i will be working on tomorrow will also try to use latex this time as today i didnt have time and didnt have enough time to fix the one above.