Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ss1- Head Studies

eyes that currently are upsidown 
The eyes haven't changed much from the last post just when moving the eyes the pick was going straight through the ball which sometimes left marks while testing, so used mili-putty and filled in the back of the eye as seen on the right and painted over looking smooth on the left.

Head studies

Next starting on some head studies was is greatly needed to have ability so show great expression and so will try out with different materials over the next few days, first used a thick wire to hold the head at the neck for the weight and then to get the shape of the face i used about 1mm thickness wire also help in place with mili-putty.

Front view

Quarter side

 Second wire head
 With this head i wanted to try and use no mili-putty hense more wire also left more space for the mouth  and the nose smaller. Try out both ideas tommorow.

Mostly going to use Sculpey for all faces but yesterday baught some latex and actually came in one day how amazing, this will help boost my skills with latex and hopefully have some ausome heads to work from for my ss1 character.