Friday, 1 July 2011

since back in the country post

Back from Lanzarote and this was our balcony view every night after a few drinks at the bar.

Enough of making my skin as red as a lobster and back to the contained light confinement of animating.

First as soon as i got back updated myself with a dose of animation clips on youtube.Finished a lovely book over the holiday all about stop-motion basics .Wel say that even if you'r a pro there are many tips which would always be worth looking at and highly recommend it Basic Animation Stop-Motion by Barry Purves.

Currently since i've been back all set up with a work space started creating twelve plasticine balls all the same size.But one slightly more squashed than the one before and with rigging using replacement animation to create and perfect the ball movement cycle posts will be up shortly with enough tests done.