Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trying out eyes before latex arrives

My work space for my modelling currently trying out some beads to use as eyes, at first thought it wouldn't be worth trying because their wood so i coated them with four layers of acrylic white then black then blue or brown once the black is dry.
these are the beads i tried using from hobbycraft

 These are some pictures before the last layer the colour of the eyes. from these il create character heads out of sculpey to practice making model heads ahead of my slapstick comedy for specialist studies vol.1.
Taken using my new Cannon SLR if Carsberg did cameras.

More things will be done quicker purchasing some latex and no more basic istopmotion getting into professional software Dragon which works with my new slr and so my test will be a lot more clean and be produced more frequently to get good practice in.