Saturday, 21 January 2012

Anecdote day and Ss2 work

Things which are more obvious after Friday's lesson

This last lesson was greatly beneficial for me as a task to bring a joke or as anecdote was set the week previous, As no one knew where this was going did so anyway and the results were actually better than anyone thought,joke wise everyone had a laugh or two.
Once each joke was told then the tutor would go over the joke/anecdote told see where it could be improved and Analise each persons performance visually with movements or how the joke was told. The main points learnt for me which can refract in my work will be the sense of timing,pause,positioning, posture and being ready is more about confidents than ready with lines as i found myself looking over my lines when i was reassured and got up and told the joke was fine.

One structure of telling a joke was,

  1. (start off with) Recently . . . 
  2. (relatable) Topical . . .
  3. Explain . . . (empathy)

Also when telling a joke there was an element of if the end of a true story sucks simply "Don't let the truth get in the way". While telling a joke performance was greatly important to improve the telling of the joke and make it more visual. If talking with separate jokes to make explanations about something your talking about when going back to main joke make sure the punchline is clear.

If the gag is walking along talking to someone you think you know then when coming to the end of the explanation if animated make prop or door the end of the gag.

When telling a story if its true then smells and looks help tell the story rein acted. This is very implacable when watching creature comforts the sound isn't in a studio they have gone out and recorded them on the spot so gives a sense of atmosphere. When doing or getting someone for a voice over don't tell them the character just the way of the performance making the performance more open.

Lesson learnt - Making an animation from a joke or an anecdote is much clearer than thinking of one off the cuff in a library, a scene acted out can tell a lot more about a character than characteristics listed on paper.
Ss2 Update

For my character design sheets i will take less time on drawing out actions and traits and show them acted out or screen short for short animatics,Looking at research apart from the mood board the main thing most interested on going on was a short film called Easy street  a Chaplin film where the character sorts out a rough neighbourhood by becoming a cop where to take control has to take out the biggest pest.


Also another film which was a referencing point from the silent films was Buster Keatons Cops film shows a helpless character just going about his day having cop after cop chasing him for something which   he isn't all to blame for, showing great humour in always getting out of the way of the cops then getting into trouble with another.


Then next week i will be attending Bristols slapstick festival most likely go for just the Friday but hopefully will try and go to two of the events on the Saturday's as well, should have another post before.