Friday, 18 May 2012

Ss2-Ollie and Alvin giving the audience 'Opportunity to Laugh'

Set Arrangement

Looking at many different ways of silhouetting and having the characters interior of the cinema and the stage settings, thinking about what would be more charactered with Ollie and Alvin's peronality on and off screen.

Finding that the best way of portraying the characters would be taking up more of the screen and taking a lot more attention away from the film 'street act' and more on the commentary by the two characters.

Having a cut in the middle of the script may also be added to the script where Alvin says to Ollie that he thinks Ollie's hat is too big, a close up on Ollie getting angry could be a great idea just to break it up a little bit.

Everything being considered

Brief overview of what needs to be taken into consideration set, voices, lighting, characters, cinema seats and mouths of characters doubled up to make smoother transitions while lip syncing at the last scene.

too many scripts
While creating the script there came a time where there was too much speech and came repetitive and could be changed to give time for things, the oppitunity to give time in-between gags to laugh is important to create awareness to the audience of where the gag is.

The script took a few attempts after doing an animatic realised things that need to be changed and what i could add mostly including the start a narrative intro with a small physical gag from the comedy pair

Final Script