Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ss1-Buster Poster and Inspirational xmas films

Buster Keaton Poster has arrived!

ROUND 1- Buster Keaton Poster
A little treat to go up on the inspiration part on my wall, a lot of the posters were vintage and all had different styles simplistic posters and comic style like the one above which I had to add to my wall portraying busters on screen character and the suttle expression used throughout his films.

Getting into the Christmas spirit 
With some old classics re-mastered Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer and Santa is coming to town.

Stop motion classics which have good christmas stories for younger audience.
Both £3 in Tesco's and worth it to get styles and ideas from.

Clear throughout watching these christmas classics the techniques they used but the way they apply then in a neat way is interesting to see with replacement mouths and fixed strong armatures but clean and neat sets and the costumes and animal clothing were impressive and gave me ideas for when animating cloths which help also try other materials like silicone or latex and maybe try carved wood with material on top.