Monday, 21 November 2011

Ss1:Canimation here! Bristol Encounters update.

                   Canimation Entered,Encounters was just that in a networking perspective.

Well here it is folks! 'No Bull' my Canimation entry for the student stop motion area, there are still acting out scenes tests to come in a later post, there are two weeks to get as many views,comments and likes for my animation the top 10 get put infront of a pannel to decide the winner.
 recent activity incudes entering Canimation, i went down to Bristol to Encounters where i was inspired after meeting the likes of David Sproxton and Jon K got some golden advice from David and a picture with jon k. I will first show my animation then talk about Encounters.

                                            'No Bull' from Gareth hirst on Vimeo.
                                    30 second stop motion animation by Gareth Hirst.

From now until my Specialist study deadline i will be working on animating my charcter only,what i mean is when specialising in stop motion you get the likes of set building,armature making,rigging and of course more but what i would like to do is strictly animate.
For the next couple of days il be looking at buster keaton and picking apart a small scene and reinact it with my animation abilitys with my Armature.

The boat from 'Gulp'

Myself with sculpter and Animation model maker at Aardman Amanda Darby
Gave some great advice and gave me chance to see a model from the new Aardman feature 'Pirate's' and from then my poster has been ordered with a buster keaton poster.
john k  :Cartoons and signing session

wheres gareth? photo by John k.

Great to see a lot of his work up on the big screen and talk to him, such a character and a real nice guy.

Really appreciated this and will have a better quality when John uploads to his blog.