Friday, 18 November 2011

Ss1-Preparation Before animating 'No Bull' Canimation

Stages before animation.
Animation up next week if can't wait link at bottom of post.
Using  a junior saw to get the neck as low as possible.
The neck was sawed about 2cm to be able to get the head closer to the body as at the time was out of proportion.
Getting the set ready
Greenscreen had to be sprayed just before animating because i didn't have a board big enough to fill the entire space behind the character.

Head and hands into place
waiting for araldite to dry aprox 2 hours.

Oh still waiting but once try totally worked a charm
Keeping everything tidy and all models used before kept safe with materals i won't need while animating away safely in a box.

Lighting and shadows

Boardered up window with thick black card.
When coming to animating i new i wouldn't have the best lighting so i didn't want to hinder anything else to the animation by having flash or every frame being a shade different.

then curtains done up to make extra sure
Holding everything in place 

This picture above shows theres a clamp holding a clamp down because of issues of having the set move and the clamp didn't want to stay in place so to give it that little extra hold.

Covering the light from the laptop so it doesn't refrect onto any of the shots.
Furthest clamp away holding an area which wasn't as steady.

More clear image of the clamp holding the clamp.
Getting the scale right i used greenscreen for the background because original was to small and got an extra large size can of redbull.

As you'll notice the tie'downs left loads of freedon when walking.
Background images from original set to use as greenscreen.

this was the one chosen for obvious reasons so clear ans no refrection.

Acting out tests.

Seeing how to get the redbull easy to animate.

In the end i found a shot glass round the house used that to hold small amounts of redbull then dab it on using a paint brush.