Sunday, 13 March 2011

Life Drawing.

this A1 piece too a lot longer than anticipated because of many reasons mainly i found the brief not as specific as i would of liked for the reason of what he wanted us to produce wasn't as specific and then when if came to showing work everyone had a different idea which found was really interesting to see everyones work, but the main thing was that i found thas i came to enjoy creating new characters with a plot straight away as you see my piece's of work which was the idea to make it obvious especially when using three characters and a objective for each one also a goal.

these are my two pieces first of a mother of a child whom is oblivious to what is going on around him and is just triying to get him home sooner, my boy character who's not happy being put on a cheap ride and unable to get off which is what he wants as theres a clown trying to make him smile.

second piece ive done is of a guy walking his dog shocked to find his dog gets off his leash and shows up a bigger dog whos unable to dance.

when i realised the exercise was working with three characters there was specific ways that three characters have been used well and i generated my ideas from firstly centre character being the boss and the other two being workers one gets a telling off while the other makes fun behind the bosses back and make a quick photoshop job of it to give you the idea.