Sunday, 22 May 2011

Research into the William Kendridge approach.

The third year that i have worked with has chosen to use this approach for her final animation mainly because of the story type being dark anyway it suits this media very well and as there were various problems when coming to production and because of the nature of the technique myself,Richard and Clare  helped to animate scenes to put together having our third year Karina as our director.

   The approach to using the charcoal to the paper the rubbing off what your are going to animate to change the position has interested be before because of the natural look of the final animation and so i was happy to help and learn along the way while being in a team helped to discuss how each scene was going to look and move using tests and poses along the way.

First a beautiful piece by William Kendridge i particually like the detail in the movement of the paper at the start.

Work by south african artist William Kentrigde from 1994. Kentrigde uses charcoal and pastels for his drawings in which he erases and redraws parts to create stop motion style animations.

also this isn't William Kendridge but its using the same style of draw and rubb out, the piece is keeping it simple by just focusing of the face but it works really well because it shows is life in ageing and shows this style at it's best.

Music icons like Mick Jagger also use animation in their music videos showing a likeness to the technique in this video but they seem to re draw where there was something you'll understand when you watch.