Wednesday, 18 May 2011

improving rotoscope P.O.S scene.

colaboration project coming to an end final touches and editing also looking back when i discovered the point of sale wasn't clear enough i thought best to go back and zoom in on the shot of the bandit picking up the choo bar. And so the video below is after i learnt were i was going wrong with the first which is at the bottom. first lesson was to change software to one which would help keep the shots clear and to keep without glitches that im sick of getting with flash.

Very happy with the above clip but need colour in the hand and where the bar comes from.

This one was trial and error with rotoscoping in flash found it was like all the work without the reward so i changed to photoshop with the above clip using more tools too get a better result. main thing was when recording the images at the start for the bottom clip i did them too far apart.