Tuesday, 17 May 2011

AOP with my side project

A look of whats to come, currently going back to my side projects to also use in my AOP project but has also been my side project creating and learning new processes in stop-motion with armature tests to see what works and trial and error where i need to dive in to be able to start creating more and more short films.
 This armature above i've started back on and realised who the character was going to be at the stage of being able to choose of course, over the last couple of days its been on my mind where to take this armature and thought how can i use as many principles and easily add a quick story which will work and can learn loads.           Basketball player! everything principle wise also giving myself creative challenges along the way. Was mainly thinking typical look or harlem globe trotter look below.

The armature will be kept simple throughout to be able to work on animating and story as my key aspects but that doesn't mean the armature won't look good just that the movement should only be in the places i need and where the audiences will be seeing otherwise its wasted to have extra movement where not needed.
A little inspiration of the kind of thing i mean when i want to add a bit of comedy to it also keep it simple.