Sunday, 22 May 2011

Behind the scenes Karina's animation in production

First we realised that there would be two people animating their scenes while one person is putting together the scenes to be done ready to animate.Lucky to have two rostums to use to hold to camera while animating.Here shows an image of myself animating with the camera above and the clicker to take each shot but always making sure the shadows don't come into play. I really enjoyed this type of animating withe the materials and style always having to think of how the end shot is going to look to measure how many frames between much like when animating in 2d.

These two shots are richard posing for my hand moving the spoon in the shot to reference.

A shot from the view from the camera

All together discussing how Karina wants the shots and sorting how long for each scene while looking at the storyboards.

The process of drawing over then taking the picture which is done over and over for 12 frames a second.

 Clare animating a bird scene in siluettes.

One of the storyboard sheets which we used to animate from and reference to get how the shots were going to look.

The shots before animating 

Then coming down to another scene which Richard was animating skydiving again the same as the bird we decide it would look best if it was done in the siluette style. Referencing for the shot this is a pose for how the skydiver would look for the angle just rotated.