Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ss1-Head and hands adjustments.

Latexing and hand making

 Not much change with the set today because I ran the drill down and don't have a charger for it, was going to start on walk cycles but instead when I got my armature out found the skin layer of latex wasn't thick enough and was easily crumbling so took the crumbled layer off and started again with more coats of latex.

Also with some yellow foam tape purchased from amazon, used the latex to thicken out the foam and get more of a thickness but still be able to move the fingers easily.Obviously there will be tidying up with loads of adjustments also having to paint the hands after a few more coats of latex once this layer is dried.

Finding the animating should only be done once everything is at an all round standard,but will be testing the armature with walk cycles hopefully tomorrow.