Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ss1-Preparation for specialist study 2 set

Ss2-Professional Set
Workshop induction today to be able to get cracking on my set for Specialist study 2 and over the past few days i've been planning how I would benefit with taking extra time to make sure this set will be completely ready for styling and making the set suit all my ideas.

Full size of the base of set.
 First thing today after my induction the planning for all the panels to put together the set will be ready tomorrow and will be easy from there to attach the panels and create a much more professional set look.
From there the only thing apart from dressing up the set to suit the narrative would be adding the tie-down holes to use but also would like to make space to be able to move the camera in what angle id like.

Camera angles

This image shows the camera angles i would like to portray easier with the new set, from the angles that have walls im going to see about finding a way of collapsing the walls to make shots that make you feel more into the animation and not have one angle where it may look to straight up,but won't be using them to the extend of making the audience dizzy just ones that need a more professional edge.