Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ss1-Raising the set to get underneath.

Space for Tie Down Rigging
Making the set raised for tie downs, first there was going to be four blocks which were glued together to then be attached to the floor of the set but when testing out moving the rigging there wasn't enough space for the hands to move the tie downs.
  So from there I thought about making the space a lot larger by actually making a separate box underneath the set to give total control to about 15 cm but then with that would make the set higher and less space to bring other rigs into it.
   From that I went back to using blocks but made sure there was a lot more space, going back to the workshop I found a large plank spare so put it on the bandsaw made sure all six pieces were the same six and tested them with the rigging and felt snug as a rug.
Deciding on the spacing and where the hands would need to be coming from.

 First before screwing all the blocks in place after deciding where they were going, to make sure the blocks wouldn't have a chance of moving I added a strong glue,Once dry made space for the screws to be guided to then screw in three spaces through to each block.
Drying onto set floor
space for walls of space
Space underneath for tie down.

Set walls and character tests with set, more research ready for dissertation and decide on tickets for Bristols animation Festival Encounters.