Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ss1-Research into Buster Keaton

Research and inspiration for essay and when animating.

Found this on play the other day and saw it was six discs of great films which have in relation a lot of films which i've already refrenced before in my case study and when looking at films from the uni library.

The large collection will help me when coming to animate a character in the humour i want to be portrayed also the when coming to my dissertation which is going to be difficult for me personally so the more research and things i look an in the field im writting about the better the essay which come out.

Brief description from the site and the films included
A collection of 28 films featuring the 'Great Stone Face' himself, Buster Keaton.

Buster Keaton is one of the trio of great comedy geniuses that the silent era produced and, along with Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, can still be considered one of the great comics of all time. Buster starred in both features and shorts and, as proof of his enduring popularity, his 1927 masterpiece The General was voted number 18 on the AFI-Top 100 Funniest films of all time in June 2000. 

Buster has profound things to say about man and modern life; famous for his high-speed timing and inventiveness which have never been surpassed in the history of cinema. His films remain today as fresh, modern and as wonderfully funny as when they were made. 

Films Comprise:

1.One Week
2.The Saphead
3.Convict 13
4.The Scarecrow
6.The Haunted House
7.The Goat
8.The Boat
9.The Playhouse
10.The Paleface
12.My Wife's Relations 
13.The Blacksmith
14.The Frozen North
15.The Electric House
16.Day Dreams
17.The Balloonatic
18.The Love Nest
19.The Three Ages
20.Our Hospitality (Thames Silent Version) 
21.Sherlock Jr. 
22.The Navigator
23.Seven Chances
24.Go West
25.Battling Butler
26.The General (Thames Silent Version) 
28.Steamboat Bill Jr. 
29.The Great Stone Face (1968 documentary)