Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ss1- Preparing animating station checklist.

List to remember when preparing animating station.
Own reference for next time.

  1. charge camera to fullest.
  2. Clear workspace.
  3. Bring out the set.
  4. Camera and character.
  5. Block out any light that might hinder a shot.
  6. Tie everything down (clamps,loose wires,tripod).
  7. Give enough space within set and camera to animate.
  8. Check lights and shadows match up.
  9. Make sure to take the shot from the same place incase floor is unbalanced and wobbles the tripod.
  10. Keep animating station clear to cause less chance of loosing tie downs throughout animating.
  11. Don't keep the lights on for too long at a time (taking a break let the lights do the same).
  12. Happy animating with less problems.