Friday, 11 November 2011

Ss1-Canimation final stages of post production.

Canimation is on!

Really packed weekend after speaking to my tutor i realised its worth me working til i've got something than just writing off the Canimation project,il be animating from where my armature and restantes of how far i've come but brush up after and evaluate the process.
The sheduel is crammed of animating from today right through until monday but hope to be putting the final render together on monday and put a sound clip to the animation from the choice they give you from the site.
Tonight im working on what has to be done to make animating possible then as soon as i'll be animating to the storyboard which i've set and altering slightly to accommodate my rigging limitations.
Final coat of skin colour and latex on top to hold the foam together round the eyes for when the eyes move.

Much more clear seeing the coats of latex trying.

Eyes a lot more clear and don't fall out which would have caused problems when animating.

Less obvious to notice the tape with the latex on top of the foam tape.

Hands with final coat and looking better with the same skin colour.

 Hands and head on armature as soon as ready then animation begins right through to 3am like set on the sheduel then 10am wake up and carry on.Only thing which is going to really hinder my performance is not being able to use the correct lighting because of limited stock in uni but hopefully without leaving desk lights on for to long they will do the job.