Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pictures from Slapstick 2012

furthering my knowledge in the art of slapstick from a animation perspective

all boxes in bristol had Keaton in them

Slapstick 2012 was great for many reasons first one finding myself going for nearly the whole festival made the trip far better than going for just the day, there were many new eye opening things i came across first being the ability to talk to people who share the passion for silent films and the art of physical comedy in slapstick.
Throughout the festival i got the chance to speak to many people including Kevin Brownlow pictured below on the right,Kate Guyonvarch Chaplin expert from Paris and the greatly kind Rob Davidson who wrote many books on Charlie Chaplin and had part in what was to be played in the Chaplin feature with Robert Downey Jr.
Many networking chances gave me the chance to speak with Peter Lord director of the newly anticipated 'Pirate's in an adventure with scientists' and co founder with Peter Lord is David Sproxton Chairman of Aardman.

Buster Keaton talk with Kevin Brownlow

taking in the local graffiti

silent slapstick gala

My father with bill oddie

Hes not the messiah he's terry jones

Sanjeev baskar with Terry Jones

Rob Davidson with Sanjeev

Great seats throughout, great talk in depth about chaplin from two who knew from experience and as a fan

Terry Jones and Myself
Also wrote notes from every show,unable to take many photos but these were the best of what i did take.