Monday, 13 February 2012

Ss2-The Characters Fashion

Style of clothing

sketches of the variety of looks

 For my characters their style I'm going for is to match the average everyday man of 1900 where the look is based around various people including Harry Langdon, Harold Lloyd,Buster Keaton, jean-du jardin, al jennings.
The characters will constantly be moving so the cloths daft to say comfortable, more slack than what i have drawn but with the ideas in mind, the puppet won't be exact to what has been drawn but will be as close depending on material and adapting to the shape of the character.

more detail on shirt with lines 
hats have been added frequently with going with the look
shadding to show parts that will stand out
Colour palettes 

white parts aren't coloured

Playing with the colours of the material which i will be thinking about using,creating a overall look,the colours will judge on what i find that best suites each character. I've gone for the more darker colours because the use of gradient would be more important than everything being black and white as would be reflected on screen.

the use of yellow on the hat won't be as bright if the hat happens  most likely be white.