Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ss2- Filling out armature for next stage

My new professional armature
 Today was the task of filling out my armature ready for cloths to be put onto the character, to do this i cut out a block which resembled the space which would be needed to cover each area, then shape it using scissors and a knife to lastly thicken spaces which aren't covered like joints and even out other areas using a thin layer of foam which acts like tape round objects.

cut for each area below the arms

key of where each part goes

eventually there was a lot cut of each part but only to suit the scale 

with the great movement in the armature came problems foaming areas

solving this problem was easy just cut out each part then place the cut out parts on top

parts all in place

black lines mark out where the cuts were to slot the threaded wire

always making sure the rigging hole is kept clear

ready for thin layer of foam on top

found the areas were easily connected using the tape

complete for today, next stage the cloths and attaching the head.
 Ahead of schedule on some things but needing to finalise certain aspects where there lacks problems making sure its not cut to fine il be working thoroughly tomorrow to get ahead of schedule on all aspects of the pre production.