Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ss2-Speak no evil see no evil.

Speak no evil see no evil

heads ready for going in the oven
 Covering up the mouths to keep to replacement mouths on top of the face instead of taking out a chunk of the face and replacing every time, other things that were worked on today the ability to slide the head onto armature and take on when needs be between shots and lining up the ears on each character.

larger k&s on in the head and thinner on the armature

 the ears being parallel  became the only difficulty
but no detail just to know their there.

next ready to go into the oven

second head

getting ready to take out current neck and found the k&s tubing for the armature was to thin.

going to get the thicker k&s in town tomorrow
Tonight and on going has been the replacement mouths to make them unique but keep them all to a style for each character, if it comes down to time il use pre-made mouths  from animation toolkit.