Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ss2- Goings on, In Pre-production

the healthy sketchbook

 Thought i'd start with going over what worked in the first specialist study and if it didn't why, points which can become helpful so i don't make the same mistakes again. Looking over the main points from the slideshow which were most beneficial. The structure of Ss2 will be the same of creating an animation to the deadline but the content and overall outcome with be vastly improved.

Looking at influences, the great three silent comedians that have been influential on my work so far and give great help when looking for material to give me ideas, then to the right i've done a mood-board covering aspects which don't as a whole relate but theres something from each image which would have to be in my animation.

 List of things to be done much like the one in the last post to keep me on track, also a spider-diagram to really keep to what is there instead of changing the idea, this will be great to keep my research on what the outcome is meant to be.

Current Reading

First Paul Mertons silent comedy which has been a great help while doing my dissertation, has a great insite into silent comedy showing great background and facts. Not been sure about Mertons humour in the past bust he has a great knowledge of silent comedy.

Another fine mess, finally came the other day after searching for a long time online, not had much chance to read but from what i have read has great insite to american comedy ledgends their history and character of what made them great.