Thursday, 12 January 2012

Specialist study 2 things to be done

Starting Specialist Study 2 this week where il be creating my final Student Animation which will be within the same structure of specialist study 1 but with more time, experience and possibilities. There is also a module Professional practise to put my showreel,website and c.v together.

What needs to be done and thought about if will be doing

  • Moodboard/mindmap
  • Character Design/Storyboard/Set look
  • Animatic/X-sheet
  • Lighting test (set/character)
  • Credits/start up look and colour/bnw
  • Sound Voice overs/Sound effects

Apart from the professional practice these will be my main consern with other events and arrangement that will help in preparation to doing specialist study 2 e.g slapstick festival and talking to local animators and getting their opinion on my work.

Leaving this post while going over my dissertation this came up and to pay respect to Buster Keaton here is his live ( very funny ).