Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ss2 welcome to whats new in 2012

Welcome to 2012

These are the beautiful gifts from the family thought id share with you my many interests amongst other animation gifts,Christmas was a great time to spend with the family but most of that time was taken up writing my dissertation which is,

"An Exploration of enduring appeal of Physical Comedy and how this translates to Animation"

 The dissertation has been such a learning experience so far and as far as my knowledge of comedy and techniques I'm getting then when Specialist study 2 starts i will be applying my knowledge from specialist study one but making more of a professional attempt of making a short film still with a deadline but with more time to prepare everything story,character,acting,set design,rigging and most of all my wonderful audience.
This month I'm preparing on getting my dissertation finished, start story with that character personality which also drives the narrative, also will be taking a trip down to Bristol to go to the well renown Slapstick festival to wider my knowledge and understanding of timing and how i can target my physical comedy from well acclaimed actors and comedians.

Laurel and Hardy Boxset

Much anticipated present which I've been interested in for years only being able to watch the odd clip here and there now when il be referencing characteristics when there are a dewo on screen il have what i need to know what works,with over 21 discs and more films than there are discs I'm sure to have a good starting point for my narrative and my character building.