Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ss1-Compilation of tests and my slides for friday


I've come to the end the term and its that time again for presentations, here are my slides below so check them out and above a little showreel from specialist study 1 to gather all my test and my animation together.

Evaluation for Specialist Study1

This specialist study 1 has been the most beneficial term of my whole time at university being an all out stop motion fan and practitioner for many years being able to specialise in what i want its been a long time coming and from this I've learned many things the first being if you want something you've got to work for it and ask the stupid questions,test everything and target what i do to get the best result.
               First was making an armature I clearly thought I had this one in the bag using all the right materials but when it came to animate the magnets weren't strong enough and the armature was top heavy and so switched to a professional armature to get the best results when animating.
               Having my original brief of 3 ten-second clips was changed once I decided to combine a competition brief and stick to physical comedy to specialise which gave me chance to come up with an original narrative which is simple and was clear to an audience of 4-7 years.
               My set was a practical solution which made sense to be able to get movement freely with the character having magnets not work for keeping the character standing,this gave opportunity to try using tie downs and in doing so I learn't more software like illustrator and cad to make all the holes I used a Cnc machine which put the holes through from the co-ordinates I gave from illustrator.
               When animating there were many things I learnt from putting everything in place for animating main things to remember were to make sure to tie everything down,make sure charger is kept full and is in a place easy to change battery without taking camera off the tripod.
              The animating really was where I learnt to keep thinking of where each scene is going in terms of movement of character and how to space each movement for the fps I was using,also to keeping looking at the storyboard and live action referencing.
              Keeping to a deadline was a goal which I was glad I achieved for both briefs having four weeks to prepare for Canimation and then animate with focus for about four days which gave me confidence and improved my animating skills.