Monday, 5 December 2011

Professional Practice- YE Old Pirates Talk with Peter Lord

Perfect front row note taking seat check.
 Peter Lord Co founder of Aardman and Co-director of the forthcoming 'The Pirates ! In An Adventure With Scientists'(Out next March), talks about the making of the film, from the initial idea,through production to the finished film. There also was previews from the film which had more than the humour that i was expecting.
Going through the cast

  •  PIRATE CAPTAIN-Hugh Grant
  • The Pirate with the scarf- Martin Freeman
  • Crew-Russel Tovey
  • Crew-Brendan Gleeson
  • Crew-Ashley Jenson
  • Pegleg - Lenny Henry
  • Charles Darwin- David Tennant

What makes a Pirate Captain?
 In the image behind shows a exploded Captain and what goes to make each part including each technique to make him work like for example replacement mouths and movable beard using magic (clue in the word).

Replacement mouths anyone?
 Unlike on W&G using plastercine and having movable mouths which were replacble, Pirates used Rapid Prototyping which is mouths made on software then manifactured which as Peter Lord points out the main reason was less time on the floor spent wasted having to sculpt each mouth.

 Going back to the genius of the writer Gidian Difo who makes humour by adding characteristics for characters like with the Pirates they love ham (who knew?) it was things like this which that sound small but give and audience things to relate to.

Push your animating!
 When talking about "The Animators" advice was to work fast you focus better and will still have the concerntration for whats going on thats why animators are good to suffer for their art as Peter said.

The day was a success thoroughly enjoyed Peter Lords talk which was a good insite into what makes a great stop frame feature and was an insiration to meet a great founder and have some much valued advice for future refrence.
 Professional Practice Portfolio

Professional Practice folder

 Thought i'd start getting all my applications aspirations for future out in one folder including business cards of people who i've met while networking and all the important things which will help me get a job after my 3rd year,

Bit of memrobelia to go up if i get my own studio

 My Pirates poster signed by the director Peter Lord which i didnt expect to happen at least before the film, glad to have met Peter Lord and hope to keep a network going and in future maybe work for him at Aardman after some long hours getting some spectacurlar animations together to have that showreel which makes people talk.