Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Pirates Poster!,Canimation and Facebook

The Pirates!
Look what came in the post from America.

 Finally got my poster today with delays with it coming over seas and other things,so happy with it being a cinema quality poster,next is deciding wether to take it to Peter Lord talk this saturday where he will be talking about The Pirates the much anticipated film from Aardman, really enjoyed Arthur Christmas last week with the lovely story backing some lovely story and keeping some britishness about it.

close up of the Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant)


Glad to have taken time and learned new skills along the way to complete my Canimation entry 'No Bull' which was regarded highly by StopmotionPro along with put on their site to show 9 other entrys with qualities that were at their standard. 
My Canimation did not receive enough views to reach top ten in the competition but from which i got done in the short space of time shows that when given a deadline to work to i will get the job done,also helps for my next animation when animating and putting into my showreel so not all is lost.

GHanimation on Facebook
All my work will also now be put on Facebook at a group page called GHAnimation and here is the link to join-Gareth Hirst Animation Join Now