Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ss1-Look at that wind - test

Ss1 Tests

Coming to the end of specialist studies one and to be honest I've impressed myself with my focus with all my research done filled out an entire sketchbook.Entered a competition for Red bull with a full advert which covers my age range set for ss1 4-7years with physical comedy engaging the audience to keep them wanting to complain if their internet goes half way through my advert.
From there I've been working on drawing out a few simple sketches and finding inspiration from the post before which describes where physical comedy is used best. Also to go with my earlier animation i will be doing mock up tests giving life to objects to give them a life like quality and with my puppet to create snippets to compile into a showreel ready for the end of this year to place on my website which is being made.

Here i've taken an idea and expanded it to add humour.

This snippet was done twice as the first test was lifeless and didn't really make gravity look believable or that the object had any weight.There will be three clips put together to make a short piece which will have rigging left in to show the focus, the animating.

getting back to the felts ruff of a shot in the sketch.
Another post will be up more often as soon as a test is done which will be a lot quicker as there won't be any rig removal so hope to have enough to show by friday at least then ill enjoy a talk by Director of Pirates Peter Lord this saturday in bristol pretty excited.

How i look as a Caricature - well i think its pretty accurate

Also this sketch was done by a friend of mine,check out his blog here - Joe Blakeston practicing characterise friends for his Ss1