Monday, 8 March 2010

Progress with script project.

The gang taking no time out to get on with our script project.

Our character and bed finished and chilling on his bed.
The Beard by joe, was made From string glued to a thin piece of card ready to be stuck to our prison character.
here Greg made a bed from a cut up piece from a shoe box then chrissi made a pillow.
This is the first finished look to our prison character with armature nearly finished but without beard, hat or feet.
chrissi's handy work with making the clothes for out prisoner which will have blue and which pattern to make pjamas look, then for the prisoner black and white pattern.
Wall outlines finally finished through many high glueing later from Ashton.

Ashton then while also taking ideas for the bricks at home came up with a creative and beliveable wall from chrissis idea with the string which brings forward the lines of the bricks which became very effective.
Wall ideas for the brick effect for the prison set.

The childs bedroom from the inside Perspective ,window showing the scale of the set.
Set made by Greg, Ashton and myself, from cardboard and wood to hold up the walls, this set is the childs bedroom which will have less scenes than the prison room with replaceable walls to take different angle shots.