Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Business for Animation- live brief.acting out.

from todays class ive decided to stay with my original character then make the expressions much much more exadurated also adding the principles as my main part because over looking any of disneys animations that is a must just to perfect it to the point which disney did to make it such an art form.

Acting like an animator
(only animators do these things)

These are some action videos for my character because i found myself acting it out while drawing and my girlfriend was looking at me stupid asking "why im waving to my tv". So to look sane and give myself more research to work off jade held the camera while i acted out short scenes or shots which i was capturing to get back into the swing of things 2d.

this isnt my final character by a long shot i was just doing some tests,quick movement just the key frames as you can probably tell.

for some reason because im using the trial version of istopmotion its making my play backs on blogspot go red i appoligise for this and will get it sorted.