Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Main stroyboard idea.
Four Week ,Basic Storyboard to be put as my animatic.

This will show a character balancing on a balloon but falling stupidly into a open nearby cannon,to hear clown character of the circus laughing extensively about it and lighting the cannon.

showing balloon next to cannon. character trys showing off by walking on balloon.

Character trys to contain balance. unable to contain ballance dramatically.

Character falls from balloon. Character falls exentrically into cannon.

Falling into cannon Character looking worried because stuck.

Character being laughed at about getting stuck Other character being show laughing.
in cannon.

Close up of laughing. Lights the cannon.

To get a sense of balance i've asked jon to show ballance in diffennt ways whilst i video an took photos which helped in character builting also the movement from diffent angles.

For the fall .
Close up on the facial expression when the ballance begins to go. Initial ideas for character and what would happen, disabled dog goes out of control in chair then realises where he is and someone takes advantage of it and lights a cannon while in it.