Sunday, 6 December 2009


(All Stars Volume 2) Gave me the idea of using the cannon in my animation seeing how creatively they use the scenes in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes showing recognisable characters showing a battle scene between the rabbit and vikking.

Ive also looked at the Characteristics of a clown researching into such videos as (Bell South Kung FU Clowns) to see the movement and reactions of clowns. Also looking at (Bingo the clown)which portrays a character giving in to what people say about him being Bingo the Clown.

Aardman also created something simular which i found very interesting to watch which reminded me a lot of Bingo The Clown.

Also investing in a gym ball to simulate my ideas and what the balance of the character would look like creating vidoes show as examples for the balloon. When looking at balloons to research first thing that came to mind was the Disney Pixar film Up.

The trio of characters that make the film what it was were grumpy Carl,fat Russell and happy hound all in search of an adventure.The simularitys which made me think of this film was the way the balloons are a big part of the film of course and how i can bring accross simular characteristics and movements of the characters.

lip syncing with Aardman showing testers


This is my first test not much to it but wanted to see where is was in movement and showing the characters face i found that the body was moving faster than the face.

second test on moving them both more in sync without inbetweens.

Have another clip but bloggspot has a problem putting it up,ive done a tester of the clown sequence of his unicycle scene to see how it would work and if it would work i took a few attempts.Once i got used to moving the ball and the feet the right direction and the hands in sync i became happier with it.

second tester of the clown character balancing on the unicycle and how the legs and the wheel move with eachother became tricky at first but got comfortable with using it in my animation.

Types Of Shot When Filming.

A clear method of remembering the types of shot you get in filming which i will be bringing in to animations especially cutting inbetween frames.

One of my first main drafts which shows bothe characters.

Final draft without sound.

Final draft with sound ,im glad the bounce on the balloon worked fairly wel. Also happy with the timeing of the cut between scenes.