Friday, 28 May 2010

This was my first idea showing a fan blowing some paper from a photocopier into the bin which i belived was an effective idea which would have worked but i was having trouble when making the fan and so for time purposes i thought best to think of a new idea.

these were my next ideas which are rough but to just pap out the idea, thought of just having the paper to straight into the bit because its going too fast and shoot out.
second was to have the door hit the cabnet to hit the photocopier which trigers the paper to come out of the fileincabnet or the photocopier.

this was the idea i went with slightly changing what i was going to use and bring in books ball and shelf.
The idea is to have the books hit the bowling ball it go across the shelf smash the photocopier the spits out copys which go into the filing cabnet.