Wednesday, 16 February 2011

business of animation live brief- developement.

Finally got my Storyboard sorted for my Disney Brief

My main aim for this animation was to make my character as easy to see expression as possible with a lot of movement and character,my storyboard unfolds as michael wants to leave school to to home gets stopped by the teacher forgetting he has detention. Michael then goes back to chair tries to amuse himself  to get the time go faster creates a paper airplane throws it and unintentionally things fall on the shelf as the teacher walks in and says he can leave he sprints out at that point the accident turns into a disaster with the shelf below having the fish take hit by a book a puddle from the tank and the fish end up on the floor.

Quick show of the characters look and some key frames showing emotion change(without inbetweens)

The end of the clip with the smile needs re thinking its a bit too stretchy and wobbly.

Both images with annotation.